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At ALBERT PANG Consultants, we always treat you special and as our own household member. Our strength lies in our ability to understand your urgency and needs, assess your needs, and meet your immediate requirements. We have efficiently and effectively assisted many prospective migrants across the world to seek new full spectrum of employment options  fields and lifestyles in Australia over the years. Our consultants always provide personal expertise across a diverse range of immigration, business and management services through our many years of valuable experience. You can always count on us and be assured that your problem is our problem and we shall always endlessly and tirelessly try to help you solve your immigration, business and management problems and needs! When you need us, we shall always be there for you without failure! We are efficient, effective and reliable and you can count on us always!

Albert Pang

Migration Consultant                                MARN Reg. No: 0316565

Leslie Pang

Migration Agent                                              MARN Reg. No: 1803594

Our commitments to you are

We always make sure that you are able maximize your chance / rate of success in your application using our skilled expert services

We always assure you that we will do our very best to act professionally in your best interest to assist you to maximize your chance of the success rate in your application managed by us.

We always advise you honestly with integrity the rate of success of application under the various visa options available to you to apply under as advised by us and we can proudly say that we have always constantly been very successful in managing most of our clients’ application so far!

We only and always take in your case which we think has the greatest maximum chance to get it approved and if a client’s case does not meet the minimum criteria/requirement to be approved with his / her application, we will then honestly advise him/her to upgrade himself/herself (e.g. take further studies to upgrade his / her qualifications in order to meet the requirements / criteria, etc.) and try another attempt to apply at a later delayed date once he/she has upgraded himself / herself to be eligible to apply with the maximum chance / rate of success.

We will advise you in good faith and without prejudice of any changes to the Australian Migration Legislation in pre-assessing your eligibility to apply for a specific visa application which we feel and think is suitable for you to apply.



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